Following the loss of a friend in a car accident, the narrator loses her faith in God. Soon afterward, a surgical procedure under general anesthesia brings a complete change by opening the door to the spiritual world where existence continues in a completely different way. Meetings and conversations with beings on the spiritual plane are only a part of the book in which the author, in the form of an autobiographical confession, deals with complex topics sincerely, openly, bravely and using a straightforward style, providing the reader with an easy access to certain knowledge in an understandable and reasonable way. The book suggests that it is only by living bravely, in harmony with the voice of our inner being, that we can give a meaning to life, or otherwise we become slaves to the society, norms, and customs. This is a kind of a spiritual guide reminding us that God and heaven are within us, and that we need no intermediaries on our path to finding them.

The action in the book has a partly fanciful, partly realistic tone. When you least expect it, from quite vivid descriptions of the times we’ve lived in the last few decades, interspersed with the author’s rebellion against and refusal of the imposed materialistic concept, you will be thrown into a world of magic, superstition, dream, and imagination. Into enchantment as a valid choice.